• Adorned Sunlight Playsuit

    Price : USD 410.00

    Now : USD 290.00 (30% off)

  • Vivir Off Shoulder Top

    Price : USD 165.00

    Now : USD 115.00 (30% off)

  • Fascinante Sleeved Playsuit

    Price : USD 295.00

    Now : USD 210.00 (30% off)


SPRING 2017 Señorita Vivir



For the Spring 2017collection, ‘Señorita Vivir’ presents a story from perspective of red carnation, national flower of Spanish with over 2,000 years of history blooming in the spring season under the warm sunlight and the wind as of music whistling to the flower blossom. It is adorned by Flamenco and Salsa dancers to reveal their seductive charm when they adorn themselves with this red carnation. This beauty has extended the idea to the design that creates outfits in a combination of sweet and seductive design.