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Pre-Fall 2015 (Reflections of Monochromatic Blossoms)


Pre-Fall 2015

The busy streets, the flashing lights, the rushing people, the brushing shoulders of the thousands of passers-by.  

The crossroads, and how it looks in the day. 

The architectures, the coliseums and the constructions sites.

In that short flashing instant, a thousand people has been there. In cars, on bikes,  on feet.  

But have they seen?  With their eyes, and their hearts in that flashing, busy instant.

Have we really seen? 

The time goes by, the thousands of busy instances becomes hundreds, becomes tens and then it becomes just one.


In Prefall 2015, layers of shimmering greys, reflective whites and beckoning blacks are seen. As simplistic is brought back with a beautiful alteration. Signature print includes a beautiful floral grey assemble and a black and white crosswalk inspired impression. As she walks down that beautiful lonely street and the wind gently sweeps her hair across her face. A moment in time is captured. Her moment in time where monochromatic blossoms reflects.